June Blueprint – German Panther Tank

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In this instalment of our series on Military Blueprints, we look at the German Panther Tank Design The German Panzerkampfwagen V, more commonly known as the Panther, was produced by Nazi Germany from mid 1943 til 1945. The Panther was intended to counter Soviet T-34 tanks and replace the Panzer III and the Panzer IV, […]


Operation Albany 2018


Operation Albany 2018 Many of you know Adrian, our Customisation and Product Specialist. He has recently organised an event to commemorate a D-Day Parachute drop. Here is his account: I was tasked with helping organise this very special event. After weeks of planning, the day had come! I left home here in Aberystwyth at 08:30am […]


Product Focus – British Lee-Enfield Rifle


Special Epic Blog looking at the iconic Lee-Enfield rifle. History The Lee-Enfield Rifle was the primary firearm of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th Century. It is considered by many to be one of the greatest bolt action rifles ever made. The Lee–Enfield takes its name from the designer of the […]


Turning Points of WW2 – D-Day

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To continue our series of Turning Points of WW2 we are next going to look at the opening of the Western Front: D-Day. State of play beforehand On the Eastern Front, Germany and the Soviet Union were at a standstill with the Soviets managing to hold the Germans back. At the Tehran Conference of 1943 […]


Product Focus – US Bazooka


Special blog dedicated to one of the latest arrivals at Epic HQ, the US Bazooka. In 1942, shortly after America’s entry to World War II, a US Army Lieutenant with an engineering degree named Edward Uhl developed the shoulder-fired rocket launcher. The Bazooka went from the drawing board into combat within 30 days, setting a record for […]


Turning Points of WW2 – Battle of Stalingrad

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Whilst reading our earlier blog about Stalingrad, an interesting discussion arose in the office; What was the biggest turning point in WW2? The first five people asked that question came up with 5 different answers! We are going to have a mini series examining those 5 key events. Let us kick off with the battle […]


May Blueprint – US Colt 1911 Pistol

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In this instalment of our 12 part series on Military blueprints, we look at the American Colt 1911. Design The 1911 pistol was designed by legendary firearms designer, John Moses Browning. It was a refinement of his earlier semi-automatic pistol designs. The basic principle of the pistol is recoil operation. As the expanding combustion gases force the bullet […]