10 Years of Epic Militaria

Epic Militaria is 10 Years Old

The 18th October, 2016, is the 10th Birthday of Epic Militaria. We celebrated on Friday night with a staff dinner and night out in town dressed in military attire, click here for the full album on Facebook! We’ve also put together a Blog looking back at the last 10 years.

How our Website looked 10 years ago
A snapshot of how our Website looked 10 years ago

10 years ago today (18th October, 2006) saw the incorporation of Epic Militaria Ltd after a short period under private ownership. We are based in Aberystwyth on the West Wales Coast with a team which has grown a lot over the years. In the early years, a large proportion of the items were stored at the Boss’s house, garage, his family’s farm or wherever he could find space!  However it quickly became clear that we we’re going to need more space, and so we moved to our first industrial unit in 2008. We continued to increase our WW2 product range, added more Army Surplus and branched out into modern Military Gear.  We now have 2 warehouses full to the brim of WW2, Modern Military and Surplus Products!

One of our very first Facebook posts showing a massive supply of Jack Boots
One of our very first Facebook posts showing a massive delivery of Jack Boots

Later in the decade we also starting supplying a few films, the most notable of which was in 2009 when we supplied a large range of insignia to the Quentin Tarantino film Inglorious Basterds. Julian, the boss, was even lucky enough to visit the costume department to see our gear in action! It was also around this time that we started sending our new monthly product newsletters (no one knows exactly when they began!). We’ve always enjoyed putting these together, and having looked back at them we’ve felt very nostalgic over many of the items we sell. You can see opposite the earliest newsletter we can find, which was sent out in Summer 2008. It showcased our first 14 camouflaged T-Shirts (we’re now on 35 and counting!).

One of the earliest Newsletters on record
One of the earliest Newsletters on record

In 2010 we moved to our current location on the same industrial estate. It has given us more space for stock, as well as some breathing room for an ever growing team of staff. It is also just about secluded enough that we can get away with taking some of our product photos outside without drawing too much attention! We also set up our Facebook Page around this time. We’ve used the page over the last 5 years to announce new products, host competitions (our favourite is probably the ‘Ghillie Suited Staff Challenge‘) and much more. This year we will also be doing our Christmas Advent Calendar again, so if you haven’t liked our Facebook page already then get involved now!

Our Ghillie Suit Competition
Our Ghillie Suit Competition

The next couple of years saw many more new products; it was around this point that we hit 2000 products. We also continued to supply a few movies, with some of our items popping up in films such as Iron Sky, Kick Ass 2 and later Fury. In 2014 we also supplied one of our favourite movies; Dead Snow 2. The film is an Icelandic-Norwegian film which blends Horror and Comedy…and of course Zombies. We supplied loads of Uniforms, many of which were ‘Zombified’ for the film. The picture opposite is possibly our favourite from the last 10 years, which shows Linn from the costume department which some Zombies in some of our Uniforms. The film came out in 2014, a year in which we also began work on our 2nd warehouse which extends off the side of our 1st warehouse. This gave us twice the space, and so eventually twice the products! We’re currently very close to hitting 4000 products. We also have loads of crackers in the pipeline at the moment, which will be coming your way shortly.

Dead Snow 2
Some of our Zombified Panzer Wraps in Dead Snow 2

In 2015 we finished our new Warehouse extension, as well as making one of the biggest changes in our history; going live with our new updated Website (the 3rd in Epic Militaria’s history)! We overhauled the whole site, which has made it easier to use, quicker to load and a whole lot prettier. There are loads of new features on here which we feel have made it a much better site: we now have a one-page checkout, more photos with a zoom function on the listings and the ability to pay for orders in Pounds, Euros or Dollars. We also attended more shows than ever before!

Epic Militaria Birthday Party
Our Birthday Party for the company – click the pic for the full photo album

We haven’t let up in 2016 either. We have broken last year’s record for shows, which has kept us on our toes! This year we have attended the Stoneleigh Militaria Show, the Great British Shooting Show, Wicksteed at War, Tankfest, the Yorkshire Wartime Experience, the War and Peace Revival and the Essex Military and Flying Vehicles Show. We’ve also built a couple more offices inside Epic Militaria HQ, and also gone live with our Blog site you find yourself on now! The Blogs have been a nice way of taking a different look at things, allowing us to explore new product ranges and tell you about peoples re-enactment stories and experiences. We spend a lot of time researching and developing our products, trying to ensure high quality and accuracy and we have loads of research and interesting stories about products which the Blog allows us to share. It also lets us chat about some behind the scenes stuff from shows and the office. We enjoyed putting together details about our Airsofting experience earlier this Summer. Whether it was the Boss taking a phone call in the middle of the Airsoft Battle (hardly Covert Ops!) or Adrian’s surprising choice of Desert Camo for our Woodland Theatre, we felt that we needed to share these experiences with you!

A final big Thank You to all of you, who have obviously been a massive part of our company’s history. We’ve heard some incredible stories at shows, had some great participation in our competitions, made loads of good friends and are very grateful to have such honest and loyal customers – it has been a pleasure. We have loads of big plans and ideas for the future, and look forward to the next 10 years!

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