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As one of our long-term projects, we have been developing very accurate reproductions of the British WW2 Paratrooper Helmet. These legendary helmets have become synonymous with wartime British Airborne Forces. The helmets are highly sought after by re-enactors and collectors.

We recently completed work on our reproductions and we’re proud to finally unveil them.

Original British Paratroop Helmet
A British paratrooper with his equipment

With the advent of airborne warfare between the wars, the need to develop specialised equipment became clear. The particular demands placed on paratroopers meant that it was increasingly urgent for armies to design special kit for them. After Winston Churchill ordered the creation of British Airborne Forces in June 1940, work began on the development of new equipment. One of the most important items was the new paratrooper helmet or HSAT  ‘Helmet, Steel, Airborne Troops.’

The first British paratrooper helmets were the prototype ‘P-Type’ models. Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd (BMB)made the helmets for the MOD. They manufactured the helmets from steel and added a rubberised rim and padded liner. P-Type helmets were produced in limited numbers. The widely used Mark I helmet replaced the P-Type in 1942.

Our British Paratrooper Helmets

Our reproduction British helmets are excellent replicas of the Mark I.  We make them using the same design as the originals.  We have dedicated our time to ensuring a high-quality product with a lot of emphases put on accuracy and detailing. Early examples of the shell went through plenty of tinkering. Here at Epic Militaria, we have made sure that the rim of the helmet was all one piece, as per the originals. We tested a few colours to get it looking correct.

Paratrooper Helmet Samples
Some of the many shell and material samples from the process

We also worked very hard on getting the textured finish correct. Thanks to a friend of the company, who iscan experienced and avid collector of British Helmets. He helped us by providing us with some great texture examples. We went through various padding and fabric samples to make sure the helmet was impressive both inside and out. From the distance between rivet holes to the material in the helmet pad, we have worked hard on getting it right!

The helmets are made from high-quality steel, the Mark I featured a redesigned spot-welded rim. On our Paratrooper helmets, this is made from a single piece of steel, as per the original items. The outer surface of the helmet features a nice textured effect which adds to the overall authentic feel.

A major improvement on the P-Type helmets was the new liner. Once again, our reproductions impressively reflect the original Mark I. The high-quality liner is made from thick, quality leather. The liner is stamped with the size within a shield and is flanked by the year 1942.

Detailed Reproduction Helmets

Reproduction British Paratrooper Helmets
Our excellent reproduction British Paratrooper Helmet

The BMB at the top of the stamp shows the manufacturer, Briggs Motor Bodies. BMB made helmets for the British Military until 1943.  As part of the leather liner, there is a chin strap for keeping the helmet secure.  The helmets come with small helmet pad for comfort. Soft pads fitted inside the helmet add cushioning.   The snug fit of the chin strap is especially important, as it kept the helmet secure whilst parachuting.

British paratroopers often customised their issued helmets. They added nets and various pieces of scrim to blend into the environment. We have also designed some helmet nets specifically with our new range of helmets in mind. These fit very well and allow you to create your own custom look.  These helmet nets are great items to add that extra bit of realism to your paratrooper uniform.

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