Camouflage T-Shirts


With over 25 different types of camouflage t-shirts in our inventory, there certainly is no shortage to choose from. Lots of our designs feature well-known military camouflage patterns such as British DPM and German Flecktarn. However, we also have a number of great looking t-shirts in non-military issue camouflage which we are excited to tell you about.

Our Mandra Woodland T-Shirt.

One of our favourite camouflage patterns is Mandra. Closely modelled on the recently developed Kryptek design, our Mandra t-shirts definitely stand out. The Mandra camo print features a double layered pattern, the blurred colours in the background and defined geometric shapes in the foreground combine to create a 3D illusion suitable for concealment over varied distances. Interestingly, the inspiration for such a design came from artillery camouflage netting. It’s no surprise that the design was one of the finalists in the U.S. Army’s recent camouflage trials.

Our Mandra t-shirts come in 3 different colours – Woodland, Tan, and Night. They are made from 100% cotton, which has a tight weave giving them a nylon or spandex-like feel making them very comfortable as well as practical.

Another interesting camouflage pattern is Mil-Tacs which is based on the A-Tacs design. Developed around the same time as Kryptek, A-Tacs employs blended colours and a combination of micro and macro patterns to distort the wearer’s outline. Although the design is digital in nature, it doesn’t use square pixels. Instead, it use natural geometric shapes to avoid visual detection.

Our Mil-Tacs t-shirts are in the Foliage Green (FG) style of the design and are perfect for blending into a rural natural environment. They are made of a mix of 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a comfortable fit. We certainly think this has got to be one of our favourite camouflage patterns out there.

The original German Splinter camouflage.

Finally, we also have some great t-shirts in Splinter camouflage. Splinter camo is actually one of the oldest mass-produced patterns ever, dating back to the 1930s. Originally developed in pre-WW2 Germany, the design used a combination of 4 colours and a ‘splinter’ pattern to help break up the wearer’s silhouette. The design was rapidly introduced into service in the German Army and saw extensive use in WW2. Nowadays, the camouflage is still effective and, in our opinion, still looks great.

Our Splinter camo t-shirts come in the traditional 4-colour design and in a special Night variant. They feature the same design as our Mil-Tacs FG t-shirts and are very comfortable to wear.

These are just a few of the numerous camouflage patterns we stock. We are sure that no matter what your taste, there’s something for everyone.


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