DPM Camouflage and the Camo Cup


It’s been a couple of months now since DPM Camouflage won the inaugural Epic Militaria Camo Cup. We’re using this Blog to recount its path to victory, as well as to discuss the camo itself and some of our DPM products.

DPM in the Camo Cup Final
DPM in the Camo Cup Final

Back in April we wrote a Blog on Flecktarn Camouflage, which has been a favourite here at Epic Militaria for many years. Staff member Mikey is perhaps the biggest advocate of Flecktarn, as he proved in our recent Airsoft outing. However, it did get us all debating what our favourite camos were. We decided that the best way to solve the argument was a tournament, for which we turned to Facebook. We held our first ever Camo Cup which pitted 8 European Camouflages (to coincide with the Euros) against each other, with different reactions counting as points for each Camo. Group A saw British DPM and Russian Woodland go through, with pre-tournament favourites Flecktarn qualifying from Group B with Czech 95. In the Semi Finals DPM stormed through 78-25 against Czech 95, and Flecktarn showed similar form (can you tell we got a little carried away with this?!) to win 78-19 against Russian Woodland. British DPM went on to win 38-26 in a much closer final to take the hypothetical trophy. We really enjoyed putting on the tournament, and hope to do a Camo World Cup with more international Camouflages next year. Regardless of whether British DPM is your favourite or not, all of us here at Epic agree it was a worthy winner. We celebrated its victory with a sale on all British DPM items.

DPM Shirt
British Woodland DPM Camo Field Shirt

The Camouflage itself first appeared in use in the late 1960s, with the DPM standing for Disruptive Pattern Material. The Camo quickly became one of the most popular patterns in use, with variations used by countries such as New Zealand, Portugal, Oman, Yemen, Indonesia and the Philippines. It consists of black, brown and green brushstrokes on a tan or khaki background. There is also a Desert version of the pattern, which trades the temperate colours of the standard variation for khakis and light browns.

DPM Camo T-Shirt
DPM Camo T-Shirt

Alot of the DPM items we sell are original items of the British Army. One of the most popular items we sell is the DPM Camo Field Shirt. These are ideal as a casual warm weather jacket, or as a shirt for Airsoft and Paintball. They’re also popular with hunters and bird watchers. We also have some Original DPM Boonies, which have been especially popular through the Summer of course! They have ventilation holes for keeping your head cool, as well as branch loops for adding foliage for additional concealment.

We also have some great brand new DPM items for people looking for great modern military clothing and kit in their favourite camo. Our T-shirts have long been one of our best sellers. They’re made from 100% cotton, making them really comfortable t-shirts. We also have BDU Trousers in the pattern, with a bunch of cargo style pockets making them great for outdoor sports and activities.

British DPM was a worthy winner of the crown in our Facebook competition, and remains a firm favourite here at Epic Militaria. We’re always expanding our product ranges, so keep an eye on our Facebook Page and Newsletters for the latest updates. We also hope to do another competition soon!

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