Epic Custom Helmets


It’s the start of a new year and here at Epic the team have lots of plans for 2017. One of our new developments is our line of custom helmets.

As many of our customers already know, helmets are one of our specialties. We are proud of the size and variety of our stock, ranging from German WW2 to modern day items. However, we decided to go one step further – made-to-order customised helmets chosen by you, our customers. Now you can build your very own helmet by choosing from a list of options.

Our customisation process

First of all, you select the type of helmet you would like us to customise for you. At the moment, we offer the German M35, M40 and M42 steel helmets but we are considering adding more models to our range. Once you’ve chosen which helmet you want to customise, you can choose the paint colour, decals and what degree of aging you would like it to have.

Adrian at work

You can choose to have your helmet sprayed in any of 9 different colours, including 2- and 3-tone camouflage or you can opt to keep the standard Field Grey colour. Next, you can select which branch of the Wehrmacht you want your helmet to represent by choosing from a range of 8 different decals. Finally, if you want an authentic battle-worn look, you can choose what degree of aging you would like your helmet to have. Adrian, our helmet guru, can apply the lightly aged option with a few scratches and dents, giving the impression of some campaign service and light battle damage. The ‘Heavily Aged’ option will give the appearance of significant campaign use and battle damage. It will look like it has seen heavy combat and use, including a lot of scratches, scrapes and dents. Once you have selected all these options, we will get to work building your very own custom helmet. Due to the steps involved, customers should allow an extra week for delivery but we assure you it will be well worth the wait!

We are very proud of our custom helmets and we hope that you will be able to appreciate them too. They are just one of the many new things we have planed for 2017 here at Epic HQ. It’s going to be a good year!

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