Living History with Heartland Express USAAF

B17F Flying Fortress

We’ve met loads of fantastic groups through the years, and a group we have got to know over the last couple of years are Heartland Express USAAF. We’re using this week’s Blog to introduce them and learn about some of the events they have been involved in.

One of their displays from earlier this year
One of their displays from earlier this year

Heartland Express USAAF are a Living History group dedicated to remembering all members of the United States Army Air Force that served in World War 2. The group is based around a fictional B17 F Flying Fortress. The time period for our set-up is June 1943. The group was created by Karl, who set up the group in 2011. Since then they have done numerous displays since and have had a great response from members of the public, veterans and show organisers alike.

Karl and Adrian from Heartland Express
Karl and Adrian from Heartland Express

The group has an ever expanding collection of original USAAF kit from WW2, and enjoy displaying the items at any shows they get involved in. 2016 has seen different members at a range of shows, most prominently in the South-West. Their most prized assets are probably the full propeller and hub from a crashed Flying Fortress, which they’ve had in their collection for just over a year. Although the group focuses largely on the bomber crew, the group also enjoys displaying ground crew, transport and all aspects of the USAAF.

Heartland Express at
Heartland Express with Si Spiegel at the 490th BG Memorial

One particularly highlight for the group came in May this year, when Heartland Express supported the 490th Bomb Group Memorial Project. The Project has been fundraising for a couple of years, which Heartland Express have also been involved in, with this May’s event marking the unveiling of a permanent memorial to the group in Eye, Suffolk. The picture opposite shows Karl and Adrian meeting Si Spiegel, a Pilot who flew with the 490th during WW2.

The group are always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining the group, they are always keen to welcome new people to the group. They have a very active Facebook Page, where you will be able to find Karl, Elaine and Adrian who will be happy to send you some more details.

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