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As we have previously said, 2017 is set to be full of exciting new products adding to our already vast repertoire. We’d like to draw your attention to one of our most recent additions – our new range of framed prints.

Our excellently designed prints showcase some of the most famous war machines of the 20th century. We have selected a range of aircraft, tanks, weapons and more to present in impressive detail, all framed and set as a unique display piece for anyone’s collection. Our prints are modern imaginings of how several famous items and vehicles will have looked during their development in a ‘patent print’ style. They are available with either a simple off-white background, which shows off the intricate detailing of the artwork, or in the striking blue of a blueprint style piece.

White version of the German Luger P08 pistol print

One of our favourite designs is of the famous German Luger P08 pistol. First introduced into service by the Imperial German Navy as early as 1904, the Luger soon became widespread throughout the German armed forces. By WW2, the Luger was in use in all services of the Wehrmacht. Its distinctive appearance made it a popular trophy item among Allied soldiers and many Lugers ended up becoming war souvenirs by the end of the war. We’re sure our outstanding prints of the P08 will make quite the souvenir for you too.

Another design we are particularly proud of is of the Soviet T-34 tank. Designed in the years before WW2, the T-34 first entered service in 1940. After Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, T-34 production was rapidly increased and it soon became the mainstay of the Red Army’s armoured formations. Boasting slopped armour, a powerful main gun and excellent reliability, the T-34 outmatched many of its German opponents. It was not until later in the war when new German tanks became available that they were able to compete with the T-34. These prints look great and show off the legendary T-34 in all its glory.

Our British Supermarine Spitfire prints

Finally, one design which stands out is of the British Supermarine Spitfire. Arguably one of the most famous aircraft ever to have flown, the Spitfire was designed before the Second World War and first entered service with the RAF in 1938. By the outbreak of WW2, it was one of the main fighters in British use. The Spitfire proved itself in the intense air combat during the Battle of Britain and its success against the Luftwaffe made it one of the most iconic flying machines of WW2. These prints are a tribute to this excellent fighter.

We have many more designs available for you to choose from and we are constantly expanding our collection. Why not view the whole range on our website and find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one (or even treat yourself!).


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