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This week we’ve let Chris from our Operations Department put together a piece about another Epic favourite; the Panzerfaust. He’s been doing some more research on how they came about. He also explains how the separate warhead and sticker products can help to make the most of your display.

Panzerfaust used in 1944.
An original Panzerfaust in use in 1944.

Let’s take a quick look at the history of one of our more interesting reproduction items! When translated into English, ‘Panzerfaust’ means “Tank Fist”. Pretty ferocious sounding! Early Panzerfaust designs first started seeing front line action in late 1943 as a portable anti-tank weapon. These earlier versions had a limited range and only enjoyed varied levels of success; especially as they were not very effective against the soviet tanks of the time due mostly to their angled armour. They had a simple, one use design that made it possible for any infantryman to defend themselves against armoured vehicles.

The first big upgrade that happened to the range, the Panzerfaust 60, started appearing in September 1944. It had double the range and a lot more venom which meant a greater success rate against the Russians and led them to redevelop their tanks and battle techniques.

Panzerfaust Warhead
Panzerfaust Warhead

Later versions further improved their range and power, and some even had improved shafts that made them able to be fired multiple times before they needed replacing. They also experimented with the shape of the warhead. This was to increase range, penetration of armour and rate of fire.

Here at Epic Militaria HQ, we have developed our own reproduction model. We have chosen the Panzerfaust 60 version, as it was the most commonly used during the war and most easily recognisable design. They are sold as a complete set including the shaft, projectile with fins and safety pin. They also feature a sight and a spring loaded dummy-trigger for added authenticity. They are also marked up with the correct warnings – in Deutsch natürlich!

Unpainted Panzerfaust Warhead
Unpainted Panzerfaust Warhead

Due to their high demand, we have recently started selling the Panzerfaust Warhead and Sticker separately as well. The aim is to allow reenactors and collectors spare warheads for displays and impressions. They are now available painted in the same shade of Dunkelgelb as our full sets, or left unpainted. This allows you to paint it up in a shade which matches an existing shaft you have in your display. You can also paint it in another set of colours if you wish to portray a different theatre. We even have the sticker now singularly available, helping to add the finishing touch to a homemade Panzerfaust.

We’re big fans of our Panzerfaust, and love seeing the reaction they get when we take them along to shows. Now we have the other constituent parts (as well of course as our mighty Panzerschrecks!) they can now become a great addition to any display or impression!

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