Product Focus – Thompson Submachine Gun

Today we are looking out our range of Thompson Submachine Gun accessories.



Invented in 1918 by the American, John T. Thompson, the Thompson Sub-machine gun (also known as the ‘Tommy gun’ or ‘Chicago Typewriter’) became one of the most iconic weapons of the 20th Century. It has been used by Law Enforcement, the Military and even the ‘Gangsters’ of the Prohibition era. A sturdy, reliable gun, the Thompson was popular with it’s users due to it’s rate of fire, the calibre of round used, and it’s ease on control on full auto. The first mass produced variant of the Thompson was the M1921. Most examples of the gun during the Second World War, were the M1928 and from 1942, the M1/M1A1 versions. The guns saw continued use through the Korean War and some service in Vietnam with US forces.

During the Second World War Thompsons were issued to scouts, NCOs, Officers, tank and weapon crews. The gun was widely utilised in British and Canadian commando units, as well as in the U.S. Army paratrooper and Ranger battalions, where it was issued more frequently than in line infantry units because of its high rate of fire and its stopping power, which made it very effective in the kinds of close combat these special operations troops were expected to undertake.


At Epic we’ve got a plethora of accessories and essentials for the Thompson Submachine Gun. We can gear up a GI with everything but the Tommy Gun itself.

A wide selection of reproduction and original ammo pouches. 5 Cell 20rd Pouches, 3 Cell 30rd Pouches, 50rd Drum Pouch and Original 5 Cell 20 rd Pouches. These were attached to a pistol belt and in some cases the suspender straps. We even have Original 20 Round Magazines to fill those pouches.

5 Cell 20rd Ammo Pouch
3 Cell 30rd Ammo Pouch
Drum Magazine Pouch
Original US Thompson 5-mag Ammo Pouch
Original Thompson 20rd Magazine




For carrying the Thompson we have accurate reproduction slings and a canvas cover that was used by vehicle crews. An interesting feature of the M1928A1 model was it’s removable stock, this allowed it to fit a special carry case. For maintenance we have cleaning rods and screwdriver/takedown tools.

t sling
Khaki Sling
t cover
Gun Cover
t case
M1928A1 SMG Carry Case
t rod
Cleaning Rod
t screw
SMG Screwdriver

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