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Tankfest Feature

Hot off the heels of Wicksteed at War, we move on to our next show of the Summer – Tankfest 2016! Here’s what you can expect from this year’s show, and a few more updates on what we’ll be bringing with us.

Last year we attended Tankfest for the first time, and were very keen to come back again this year. The show is hosted by The Tank Museum at Bovington, Dorset, and showcases a massive selection of tanks and other armoured vehicles. There are also other military vehicles about as well as , so there will be plenty to see.

Epic Staff on their way to last year's Tankfest
Epic Staff on their way to last year’s Tankfest

When I first had a look at the schedule for the show I was stunned at just how many great displays there will be. The show begins with an official opening from the Museum Director. I don’t know exactly what’s coming, but the Website mentions a Rolls Royce Armoured Car & a Sioux Helicopter! From here on there is a series of exciting displays, including a Tank Pull Challenge, a display by the British Army, an East vs West spectacle and much more, all leading up to an epic finale. The finale itself stars a Tiger 131 in a battle re-enactment based on the events which saw its capture in Tunisia in 1943. This promises to be an incredible close to the show, and a real highlight for our show season.

Away from the Main Arena there will be loads of things going on all over the place, and not just on the ground! Both days will see flypasts from a Curtiss P-40 and an original WW2 Spitfire. There will also be some great re-enactment groups coming to the show, as well as trade stalls including Epic Militaria of course! There is music and entertainment from golden era performers Real Vintage Swing Time, 50s specialists Ace Trio, and a Marilyn Monroe tribute act. Ringwood Brewery are also in attendance, forever popular with the Epic staff!

Our Leather Panzer Wrap
Our Leather Panzer Wrap

For anyone who attended last year, we will be in the same spot. We are taking our full tent, so watch out for the Epic Militaria banner in the main Trader’s Field. We’ll also get a couple of pictures up on Facebook once we’re set up as well to help you to find us. We’ll be bringing a massive selection of WW2 and Modern Uniforms and Kit. This will include our DAK uniforms, which we look forward to seeing in action in the Battle Finale. We’ve also got a ton of Tank gear to go through. For US re-enactors we’ll be bringing the iconic Tanker Jackets, and we also have some great US Armored emblem cuff links. For German re-enactors we have 4 types of Panzer Wrap including both wool and HBT variations. We also have leather versions of the Panzer Wrap, which is one of our most stylish and popular leather jackets. We will also be bringing some Anti-Tank gear including our Panzerschrecks, Panzerfausts and Tellermines. We also have our new US M1 Anti-Tank Mines, which are ideal for WW2 American displays.

Tankfest 2016 promises to be bigger and better than ever, and we’re really excited to be a part of it again. The show is now SOLD OUT. For those of you lucky enough to have managed to get tickets, gates open at 9am with the arena displays starting at 10.30am. For information on how to get there click here. To everyone attending the show – see you soon!

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