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We’re well into our Summer Show Tour, and for our next stop we will be returning to the Yorkshire Wartime Experience. It will be our second visit to the show, and it seems to be one of the fastest growing shows on the calendar! Here’s what to expect from YWE 2016.

Gen. Patton Reenactor at Yorkshire Wartime Experience
Gen. Patton Reenactor at Yorkshire Wartime Experience

We were very keen in 2015 to spread our wings a bit and get a bit of a tour going. We’ve been doing War and Peace for many years, which is almost as far from Epic HQ in Aberystwyth as you can get before hitting the sea! Last year we decided to try out the other compass points as well. We added Tankfest down in Bovington in the South West, as well as the Essex Military Show also in the East. This year’s new addition of Wicksteed at War took us a little more central as well. The Yorkshire Wartime Experience sees us march North, to Hunsworth which is just outside Bradford.

Last year’s show is still fresh in the minds of the team who went up there. With the show coming up, we’re recollecting the incredible storm which hit the show on the Sunday afternoon (mid-reenactment battle!), as well as the rather good proximity to the beer tent! We also met loads of great new people, including an impressive General Patton reenactor and of course the guys from 9. Panzer Aufklarung (if you’ve not seen the Blog they contributed a few weeks back, check it out here!). We look forward to seeing some of these old faces again this week, as well as meeting some new people as always.

The Spitfire Flypast at Yorkshire Wartime Experience
The Spitfire Flypast at Yorkshire Wartime Experience

This year’s show is building on the success of last year, and is bigger than ever. There promises to be well over 300 Military Vehicles, all the way from Jeeps to Tanks. There are also over 50 reenactment groups attending. There’s also a Battle of Britain Memorial Spitfire flyover to look forward to. To see the show’s Event Leaflet for full details, click here.

We’ve had a couple of important deliveries in this week, so we’ve managed to top up the stock after the last 2 shows as well as add some more items in there. This should lead to a very full stall, so make sure you pop by to have a look as there will be plenty to have a look through. As with the previous shows, we will be bringing our Russian items from Schuster. We will also have a great selection of German and American Uniforms, and of course the British 37 Pattern gear. We’ll have loads of WW2 and Modern equipment on show, and we will also bring a couple of Panzerschrecks along.

The Yorkshire Wartime Experience promises to be a great weekend, and we look forward to seeing some of you there!

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