Show Summary – Tankfest 2016

Tankfest 2016

We’ve just got back from another sell out at Tankfest. Yet again we had a great time at a really impressive event, and so we’ve put together a summary about our favourite bits of the show.

Klaus, the Epic mannequin, standing guard at the Epic Militaria Stall
Klaus, the Epic mannequin, standing guard at the Epic Militaria Stall

We all arrived at the Bovington Tank Museum with our faces pressed against the window, staring at all the incredible military vehicles surrounding the place. This happened as soon as we saw street signs warning of ‘Tanks Crossing’. We were lucky enough that when we got to our pitch, we were around 50 yards away from the line of Tanks which were parked up ready for the weekend’s displays. As much as it did distract us a little from getting set up, it was one of those things you get at Tankfest which you just don’t get at any other show.

The show itself was a sell out for the 2nd year running, and you could tell! The place was packed full of re-enactors and tank enthusiasts, who were treated to some fantastic displays. We spent all our time on the stall, so we didn’t get to see much of it ourselves. We were however treated to a couple of fantastic flyovers, including another opportunity to see a Spitfire in action. The sound of Tanks on the move was ever present, and we could feel the pyrotechnics from the battle finale from the traders field.

Tankfest Stall
Inside the Epic Militaria Stall at Tankfest 2016

We met loads of great people as always across the weekend – traders and customers alike. It was great to chat to the guys from Aces High next door, who had some fantastic pieces of art on show (last year the boss treated himself to a great portrait of a Spitfire for the office!). The whole place had a great atmosphere and it was a pleasure to be there. There were loads of old faces at the stall as well, including many people who we met at last year’s Tankfest. A special mention goes out to Nick who popped along with some chocolate cake for us, which was a particular highlight of the weekend!

We had a great time at Tankfest as always, and look forward to heading back again next year. For now though our attention turns to the Yorkshire Wartime Experience, which kicks off in just over 2 weeks!

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