Show Summary – War and Peace Revival 2016

War and Peace Revival 2016

We’re back after our week at the War and Peace Revival 2016, which we have been attending for many years. We have loads to look back on, and have given ourselves plenty of work to get on with now we’re back in the office (including plenty of new product ideas!). Here’s some of our highlights of the week, and some great photos to match.

Military Cufflinks
Our Military Cufflinks on display

We arrived a couple of days before the show in glorious sunshine, which was a welcome relief after the weather we had been ‘enjoying’ back in Aberystwyth recently. This weather held out all week, and we didn’t see a single raindrop for the entirety of the show. It seems Epic HQ was enjoying similar weather as well, with a photo of the Aberystwyth seafront making the front page of one of the national newspapers in regards to the fantastic weather the coastline had been having. The glorious weather made for a great week, although we did feel for the many re-enactors who committed to wearing their wool uniforms. Somewhat unsurprisingly we saw more and more re-enactors in their HBT and Tropical Uniforms as the week went on – a very good call!

416th Red Army
Matt from the 416th Rifle Regiment

As usual we saw loads of familiar faces, including people we met at previous War and Peace Revival shows as well as those we have met earlier this year at other shows. It was great to see some of the guys from the 416th Rifle Regiment, Red Army again, including Matt who you can see in the picture opposite with a pair of Imperial German re-enactors. We also got chatting to Geoffrey, another friend of Epic, who shared with us some photos and a fantastic video of one of our Panzerschrecks in action.

Geoffrey with his Panzerschreck
Geoffrey with his Panzerschreck

Unfortunately we were not able to escape the stall long enough to see any of the main battles or displays, but we were treated to a couple of fantastic flyovers from a Spitfire and a Hurricane. A couple of us even managed to sneak off to sample the evening entertainment once or twice, and thoroughly enjoyed the Rockabilly sounds of Ginger’s Marquee. From the stall we could hear the Bierkellar Band leading proceedings on the Thursday night, and we even sang along a bit from a distance!

The lush greenery and inevitable rain of Mid Wales after the sun of War and Peace
The lush greenery and inevitable rain of Mid Wales welcomes us back after the sun of War and Peace

From all of us who attended the show, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who popped by to see us. It was great seeing some of the items brought from us at earlier shows now used as parts of some impressive impressions. We hope that you all found something at our stall to add to your collection, whether it was the 3rd Hanseatic Medal you didn’t realise existed or the Panzerschreck you didn’t realise you needed!

We now have just one show left this Summer; the Essex Military and Flying Vehicles Show. Next week will put up a Blog letting you know what to look out for there, as well as where you will be able to find us and what we’ll be bringing.

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