Show Summary – Wicksteed at War

Wicksteed at War Summary

We’re now back and rested after our first ever Wicksteed at War experience, and have a chance to look back at the weekend. We decided it would be a good chance to put together a Blog about our weekend, where we could mention some of the people we met and things we saw.

After attending more shows than ever last year, we decided we could squeeze one more in there. Therefore this year we opened our Summer show season with Wicksteed at War. The show promised some exciting displays and plenty of military vehicles, and it did not disappoint! The show was very well organised, and the whole place had a great atmosphere from start to finish. There was a fantastic collection of vehicles there from a range of eras and origins, as well as loads of re-enactments groups who had some really impressive displays.

Epic Staff Setting up Show Stall
Epic Staff Setting up the Show Stall

Both days culminated in large scale battle re-enactments, which were very conveniently watchable from our stall. All the displays were great to watch, with some intense pyrotechnics and impressive driving in a range of military vehicles. There was also a flypast on the Saturday by a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Unfortunately however, these went directly above our stall and so I couldn’t see them! Next year we’ll have to make sure we poke our heads outside of the tent in time to make sure we get a view of them.

Matt from the 416th conquering a US Tank
Matt from the 416th conquering a US Tank

We also want to say thanks to everyone who came to our stall on the weekend. We met loads of re-enactors in a wide range of impressions, as well as tons of new faces as well. There were also loads of collectors there who told us great stories of how their collections started. One reenactment group we enjoyed getting to know was the Red Army 416th Rifle Regiment. The show provided our first chance to take our new Russian Gear out on the road, and with it a chance to get some responses. On the Friday they attracted the attention of a couple of members of the group, who we ended up chatting to for ages! It was really interesting to learn more about the WW2 Russian Reenactment community, as well as learn about some of the items they would love to see come to our Website. We look forward to seeing Luke, Matt and the rest of the group at future shows!

Wicksteed at War was a great opener for our Summer Show Season, with plenty more left to come. Our next appearance is at Tankfest, hosted by the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset. It will be our 2nd year at Tankfest, and it looks like there are not many tickets left! Click here for the Tankfest site to make sure you get tickets before they run out. Also watch out for next week when we will be posting a Show Preview Blog for Tankfest.

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