Show Summary – Yorkshire Wartime Experience 2016

YWE 2016 Summary

Last weekend we attended the Yorkshire Wartime Experience for the 2nd time, after having a great time in 2015. Here’s what we got up to at one of the biggest military shows in the North.

Terrific views of Yorkshire at the show
Terrific views of Yorkshire at the show

Last year’s Yorkshire Wartime Experience will be remembered for many things; the great atmosphere among the traders, the stunning views, and of course the incredibly variable weather. I distinctly remember sitting outside our marquee in glorious sunshine, whilst watching an incredible thunder and lightning storm heading our way. A similar storm then hit the show right at the height of the main battle on the Sunday which made us thankful for the cover! This year we were met with a weekend of wet and muddy weather, which still did nothing to dampen people’s spirits! There was a fantastic atmosphere all weekend, with a great crowd treated to a ton of great displays.

With a slightly different stall position this year, rather than backing onto the main arena we were opposite it, taking away the chance of peeking our heads through the back panels of the marquee to watch the displays. Nonetheless, we still managed to grab a glimpse of some of the parades and battles! We were really impressed the massive Diamond T Parade, which we’re sure was a highlight for many people at the event.

9 Pz Aufklarung with Pz Aufklarungs Grossdeutschland
9 Pz Aufklarung with Pz Aufklarungs Grossdeutschland

As usual we met loads of you there, and had a great time meeting different groups and different people. We really enjoyed catching up with the 9 Panzer Aufklarung, a re-enactment group from Norway who we had met at last year’s YWE. They were possibly the first people at the stall, barely after opening up on the Friday! It was brilliant to see how well the group is growing. Last year only a couple of members could make the show, but this year saw a much larger group in attendance.  They also joined forced with Panzer Aufklarung Grossdeutschland for the show to great effect. A group we met properly for the first time was the Feldjagerkorps 44, although we had met Andy and a couple of the others a few times before. They will hopefully writing a Blog for us soon so watch this space! It was not only re-enactors we met though – Mikey from Epic would have been excited to see a dog kitted out in his beloved Flecktarn, as well as rocking a pair of sunglasses with sideburns!

Again we were thrilled at our proximity to the beer tent, and happily sat with a pint of Salamander from the beer tent after a hard day’s work on the Saturday. The re-enactors also made the most of the entertainment too, and there’s a couple of fantastic videos on the YWE twitter feed to prove it! There’s loads of good bits on there, including some fantastic clips from the many battles, displays and parades.

A final thanks again to everyone we met at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience; we can’t wait to see you again in the future. We now turn our gaze towards the War and Peace Revival, which takes place 19th-23rd July. See you there!


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