Surplus Favourites

Favourite Surplus Products

One thing we have become very accustomed to here at Epic Militaria is finding fantastic one off batches of surplus. We’ve had some real crackers over the years, so we thought we’d put together a Blog about some of our favourite ever finds!

Original Russian R105 Radio – £144.95

Original Russian R105 Radio
Original Russian R105 Radio

If we’re going to start anywhere, we might as well start with one of the best. In early 2015, we came across some Original Post-War Soviet R-105M Radio Kits. They were first used in the early post-war years, and were tough pieces of surplus kit! Although they were never considered easy to use, they have always been heralded for their reliability. They worked on a frequency range of 36-46.1MHz, and were most commonly vehicle mounted. They were however also often used as a manpack. The R-105 series of radios remained in production until 1987, although continued to see use past this date. These are hefty pieces of kit, with the 14kg radio housed in a 40kg crate. They are very similar to those used by both German and Russian forces during WW2, making them great for re-enactors. We have not been able to test them, but we picked out the best ones personally. We have a very limited supply of these though, so act fast to avoid disappointment!

Original Russian PNW57A Infrared Unit – £99.95

Original Russian PNW57A Infrared Unit
Original Russian PNW57A Infrared Unit

As part of the same find, we came across these incredible Infrared Units. Most commonly used by tank and motorised vehicle drivers by the Red Army and their Soviet allies, the PNW-57A was the original complete kit for infrared visibility and sight. The set includes the helmet with goggles attachment, as well as its original case and additional filters. The sets need a 12V power source to work, so please bear this in mind when you make your purchase if you intend to have a go with it. We do not have a 12V power source here at Epic so we cannot test them to confirm they work. We did however pick out the best ones personally at the same time as the Radios, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality set of kit! These most recent batch of units also come in a strong metal case.

Post War “Rabbit Ear” Binoculars – £375.00

Post War "Rabbit Ear" Binoculars
Post War “Rabbit Ear” Binoculars

Here’s a golden oldie for us. We first got these sets a few years ago, and they went fast! We later managed to pick up a few more (only a few though!), and so they finally made a long awaiting return to our Website. These great sets of post war “Rabbit Ear” Binoculars and Tripod come in a solidly built wooden “backpack” case with webbing shoulder straps and the tripod comes in its own canvas bag reinforced with leather and webbing shoulder strap. Also known as ‘Rabbits Ears’ or ‘donkey ears’ It was designed for observation of enemy lines from cover and in safety without having to expose ones head to enemy fire. By loosening the centre lock you can move the lenses into a horizontal position to widen the field of view. The tripod is made from wood with locking legs and ground spikes for a more stable platform in which to mount the binoculars.

These are just some of the hefty surplus we’ve had in over the years. There has been alot of intense debate in the office about what we could include in this piece, and so another one with more items may come soon! However, everyone at Epic agrees that in terms of our favourite and most impressive surplus finds, these are right up there!

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