DPM Camouflage and the Camo Cup


It’s been a couple of months now since DPM Camouflage won the inaugural Epic Militaria Camo Cup. We’re using this Blog to recount its path to victory, as well as to discuss the camo itself and some of our DPM products. Back in April we wrote a Blog on Flecktarn Camouflage, which has been a favourite here […]


A Focus On Flecktarn

Flecktarn Camo

Perhaps the most popular camo here at Epic Militaria is Flecktarn, which is a feeling shared by many of our customers. We’ve decided to put together a Blog about the camouflage pattern, including some of our favourite Flecktarn products we have here at Epic. Flecktarn Camo, or Spot Camouflage when translated into English, was first created in […]