Turning Points of WW2 – D-Day

To continue our series of Turning Points of WW2 we are next going to look at the opening of the Western Front: D-Day. State of play beforehand On the Eastern Front, Germany and the Soviet Union were at a standstill with the Soviets managing to hold the Germans back. At the Tehran Conference of 1943 […]


Creating a 3-Tone Normandy Camo Helmet

WW2 German M42 Helmet with 3-Tone Normandy Camo

One of our more popular additions to the Website in the last couple of years are our range of custom helmets, which includes this impressive German M42 in a Normandy 3-Tone Camo, with an optional Sandy finish. Here we tell you about the process we use to make them, with some great tips and hints in case you want to try one yourself!