US Collar Discs – Limited Stock of Domed Type

US Collar Discs

We got hold of these US Collar Discs as part of a bulk purchase we made some time ago. We’ve finally managed to get them all on the Website, and so here’s a quick blog to give you a little more info about them.

US Collar Discs Transportation
Transportation US Collar Discs

We came across a large batch of Insignia a little while ago from the US. It was mostly US Collar Discs, which we could tell immediately were very old. We are unsure on their exact origins, but many of them are still attached to their original labels. We are pretty confident that they are either very early reproductions or more likely badges made by the US Government for service but never issued. Although the discs all came mixed up, we have managed to pair up sets which match well. In all the pairs, one US Collar Disc features the relevant branch insignia, whilst the other has the US Monogram. Although a lot of them came on their original backing, many of them will come with either on a different backing to it the pictures or no backing at all. There will also be a little variation from the picture in terms of finish and condition.

The badges are in very good condition, so much that they are great for use as gold collar insignia. Most of them have a pair of clutch pins on the reverse for fitting, and feature the domed shape of WW2 era collar badges. With most of the US Collar Discs we have split the stock into 2 types: Gold and Faded. We believe the Faded ones used to be gold, and many of them do have a slight golden tint to them still, but most of them are better used as silver collar insignia.

USMC Warrant Officer Badge
USMC Chief Warrant Officer 4 Rank Badge

We have over 10 different branches represented, including Medic, Infantry, Quartermaster, Finance, Air Defense and more. It has been a very good test of our US Branch Insignia knowledge. There are other items as well which are not US Collar Discs, but are from the same batch and are just as interesting! We found quite a bit of Warrant Officer insignia in the batch, including a few Visor Cap Badges and some rank insignia. We also have a few pairs of single Rank Stars for Brigadier Generals.

We obviously have very limited stock of these. There are a couple of them which we have decent stock of, but for the most part we only have 1 or 2 pairs. We will obviously be unable to get these back in either, as it is very much a one-off batch. So act fast to avoid disappointment!

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