Welcome to the Epic Militaria Blog

Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to the first ever Blog Post by Epic Militaria!

In our new Blog, we’ll be posting weekly about all things Epic including extended product articles, stories from our show season and much more! We’ll also be giving customers an opportunity to share their re-enactment stories and field reports of our products. This is a quick welcome blog to let you know what we’ve got planned!

We’ve got some really exciting articles lined up for you, with our first Blogs to include some great new product articles. We’re always adding new items to our Website, and sometimes there are items we wish we could write much more than a small product description about! From now on, whenever we add a product and think “But look at all these awesome facts and stats I haven’t managed to squeeze in”, we will be putting it all in a Blog article on here! We’ve got some great new products coming up which are going to be ideal, so you will see them appearing over the coming weeks and months.

Our first proper Blog article can also be found on this page, written by Epic staff member and avid re-enactor Adrian, who has written about how and why he got into re-enacting. After researching the story of his Great Uncle, an Anti-Aircraft Gunner with the Royal Artillery, a friend recommended that Adrian have a look into Living History. Since then he has spent the last 4 years as a re-enactor, and has just begun putting together his third impression! You can read his full story via our ‘Re-enactment’ section.

The Blogs also give us a great chance for us to share the latest Epic Militaria news with you, whether it is a new feature on our Website, a competition to win store discounts or anything else we think you’d like to know about. We will soon be announcing our full show schedule on here, so watch this space!

We also want to give you the chance to share your experiences and ideas, like Adrian has in his post. Do you have an interesting reason you got into re-enacting to tell? Or maybe you used our Spray Paints to create an awesome new camo? We’re really keen to give Epic customers the chance to share their experiences, so if you are interested then please drop us an email at contact@epicmilitaria.com.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for our new Blogs, and enjoy reading our first few as they are published. Check out our Re-enactment section for our first Blog about how Epic staff member Adrian got into re-enacting.

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