WW2 German Luftwaffe Uniforms


Recently, we took delivery of a great new range of reproduction WW2 German Luftwaffe uniforms. We’re so excited about the excellent quality of these new products, that we decided to look at them in more detail this week.

As always, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best WW2 re-enactment gear around. We’re particularly excited about the new additions to our range of German Luftwaffe uniforms. We’ve selected a few to look at in more detail.

Our excellent M40 Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse

The Fliegerbluse was part of the day-to-day standard uniform of the air force. Its origins lay in the field blouses worn by German troops in WW1. The M40 Fliegerbluses we stock are made of high quality wool. They feature two external slash pockets, 2 internal chest pockets and a field dressing pocket. Traditionally, wearers would carry their Soldbuch in the inner right pocket. Our Fliegerbluses also come with removable yellow piped shoulder boards for added authenticity. In addition to these great ‘flight blouses’, we have new Officers’ Tunics and Overcoats which we highly recommend.

The M43 Luftwaffe trousers

To go along with our new tunics and coats, we’ve got excellent reproductions of the Luftwaffe M40 and M43 trousers. Both items are equally well-made and are great for re-enactors. In particular, the M43 trousers are ideal to pair with the Fliegerbluse. The original M43 German uniform trousers appeared in late 1942 and were widely issued to the Wehrmacht. They feature two front button pockets with another smaller pocket on the right side and one rear pocket. In addition to this, the trousers have side buckles and multiple belt loops for a comfortable fit. Both the M43 and M40 trousers are made with high quality wool and are outstanding reproductions of the originals.

As well as these great items, we have all new Luftwaffe Officer and Enlisted Man sidecaps and field caps, along with paratrooper jump trousers and items of summer uniform. For all these great products and much more, check out the category on our website.

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