WW2 German Uniforms – Our New Bundles

Some of our new WW2 German Uniform Bundles

We have recently started experimenting with the ability to put popular product combos together, and have begun with four of our most popular WW2 German Uniforms. We thought the best way to let you know everything about them would be with a Blog!

WW2 German Shirt and Trousers
The Field Grey Shirt and M40 Trousers

The four WW2 German Uniforms we have chosen to kick off our bundles are the M36, M40, M43 and Waffen M43. We feel this provides a good range of uniforms, whether you’re going for an early, mid or late war impression. All of the Tunics and Trousers in these bundles have an 80% wool manufacture, which gives the uniform a much more authentic feel when worn. This wool content and the accurate design makes these some of the best repros on the market.

To purchase one of our bundles, you just need to select tunic size, trouser and shirts sizes, with these three items required to form the bundle. After that you can choose to add a helmet, cap, belt and buckle. As an added bonus, all the items bought as part of this bundle will enjoy a 5% discount!

The M40 Tunic and Helmet
The M40 Tunic and Helmet

The first thing to do is chose which Uniform you’re after, based largely on the Tunic. The M36 Uniform was manufactured from 1936-40, which were identified by the dark green collar and pleated pockets. The M40 uniform was initially issued in 1938, and remained in service until the end of the war. They replaced the M36 tunic, displaying many small manufacture and design differences, most notably with the colour of the collar becoming field grey to match the rest of the tunic. The M43 Uniform was first seen in mid-1943, and by the following year they were the most commonly worn uniform by German troops. Their introduction was largely due to the need to simplify their uniform design, as time and material became expensive resources. This is seen through certain details, such as pleats no longer being added to the pockets. The Waffen M43 Uniform shared a very similar design to its Army counterpart. The most notable difference is that it has one less button down the front.

Once you have the bundle chosen, you can select your Tunic, Shirt and Trouser sizes. For the two earlier Tunics, we have selected the M40 Trousers, and for the 2 M43 Tunics, we’ve chosen the M43 Trousers. All four Uniforms also come with our standard German Army Shirt, which is available in a range of sizes. They are buttoned halfway down the front with black, tunic style buttons. They also have a pair of pockets on the chest and buttoned cuffs, just like the originals. They also have a shoulder board button and loop on each shoulder for epaulettes.

The EM Belt with a Premium W.SS Buckle
The EM Belt with a Premium W.SS Buckle

Once you have chosen the Tunic, Trousers and Shirt, you have chosen everything you need to buy a bundle and qualify for the 5% discount. You can now add in a few more products if you wish, which if bought with the bundle will also enjoy the 5% discount. Each bundle also has the option of a Helmet, with the M35 for the M36 bundle, M40 for the M40 bundle, and M42 for the two M43 bundles. These are all made from steel and finished with a leather chin strap. We have also selected specific colours for each helmet, to ensure good early, mid and late war impressions. The M36 bundle also has the option of an M34 Side Cap, and the other offer the option of the M43 Field Cap. Finally each bundle has the option of the Enlisted Man’s Belt and a choice of buckle. The three Heer bundles have the option of either our standard buckle in Silver or Green, as well as our premium Buckle for those looking for the best. The Waffen M43 bundle has the option of our standard Silver SS Buckle, or one of our two premium SS Buckles. Whatever combination from our WW2 German Uniforms section you go for, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a high quality uniform ready for the season.

Are there any other WW2 German Uniforms you want to see as a bundle? Perhaps you’re after a full Allied set? Let us know in the comments, as we’re always looking for way of making our site better!

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