WW2 Russian New Uniforms and Kit

WW2 Russian Uniforms

In this week’s Blog we are focusing on our brand new range of WW2 Russian Uniforms and Equipment. We have added a fantastic range of Soviet Uniforms and Equipment from Russian Reproduction experts Schuster, so we thought we would write a piece on some of our favourite Soviet products.

ww2 russian m43 tunic
WW2 Russian M43 Tunic

Let’s start with our excellent reproduction WW2 Russian Uniforms and in particular the Soviet M43 Gimnasterka Tunic. These tunics were introduced during the latter years of the Great Patriotic War, by order of Josef Stalin. The Red Army intended to invoke significant Russian Military Spirit by creating a uniform that was reminiscent of the Czarist Gimnasterka Tunics of WW1. These have been made to an incredibly high standard from a tightly woven cotton. They also have quality buttons featuring the hammer and sickle encompassing star. Our Soviet Uniforms don’t stop there! We also have the M35 Harovari Trousers (also known as britches or breeches) which were introduced in 1935 as part of the Red Army’s new Uniform regulations of that year. These can be topped off with our Pilotka Caps which are also new. Alternatively we have our already popular M36 Helmets which were added last summer. We’ve also picked up some infantry Shoulder Boards, piped Purple for the Infantry, specifically designed to be worn on the M43 Gimnasterka Tunics.

ww2 russian badges
WW2 Russian Badges

What Re-enactment set is complete without some medals? Two of our favourites have to be the Soviet Victory in the Great Patriotic War Medal and the Soviet Capture of Berlin Medal. The Soviet Victory Medal was awarded to the individuals who served Soviet Russia during the Great Patriotic War whereas the Soviet Capture of Berlin Medal was awarded to all the soldiers who served in the ‘Battle of Berlin’. Both of these fantastic reproduction medals come with mounted ribbon and a pin on the reverse allowing you to easily fit it onto your Tunic. These are by no means it as far as our Soviet Badges and medals go. We have a great selection of Soviet Russian Medals and badges, including the Soviet Order of the Red StarSoviet Order of the Red Banner and WW2 Soviet Red Star Cap Badge.

Post War Surplus Russian Radio
Post War Surplus Russian Radio

Need Equipment and Accessories for your Soviet Uniform? We have you covered. We have plenty of high quality reproduction equipment, including outstanding new additions in the WW2 Soviet M37 Mosina Ammo PouchSoviet BN-PM Gas Mask Bag and WW2 Soviet Frag Grenade Pouch. Our WW2 Russian equipment will finish off your WW2 Soviet Uniforms nicely, with a range of excellent quality reproductions there is plenty to choose from.

Last but certainly not least, we have a surplus item we felt deserved a paragraph all to itself! This item is the Original Russian R105 Radio. These Radios were initially used during the early post-war years. Although they were not renowned for their ease of use, these Radios have always been commended for their excellent reliability. They worked on a frequency range of 36-46.1MHz, and were most commonly vehicle mounted. They were however also often used as a ‘manpack’. The R-105 series of radios remained in production until 1987, although their reliability saw them used way past this date.

We’re massive fans of our new Russian gear, and are specifically proud of the high standard of the gear, as you would expect from Schuster. We look forward to getting them out there, and hopefully seeing loads of it in use across the country at the Summer Shows!

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