WW2 US Garrison Caps

US Garrison Caps

We have recently added loads of new variations to our WW2 US Garrison Caps range. Here’s some more information about the two designs we have on offer, the various different piping options and also the relevant bits if you want to make one up yourself.

US Garrison Caps, also known as Overseas or Side Caps, have been used by the US Military since WW1. Up to this point US Soldiers had most commonly worn M-1911 Field Caps. However, after seeing the French ‘Calot’ design they decided that it was a much more comfortable and practical piece of headwear. The style had also been popular for other European Militaries at the time, including the British, Germans and others. The design stayed fairly basic and uniform until the 1930s when piping was added to the top of the caps. At first the piping was only worn by Officers, but it was later used for Enlisted Men also. During WW2, Airborne Troops also wore a patch on the front. Enlisted Men would wear a patch on the left hand side, with Officers wearing the patch on the right hand side.

We now sell Garrison Caps in two designs: Issued and PX Type. The Issue Type is designed as would have been issued to the troops during WW2 by the Quartermaster. They are notable for the curved corners across the top of the cap, rather than the rectangular shape and sharper corners of the PX Type. Both types were commonly worn by servicemen throughout the war, including Airborne and Paratrooper Units. The PX Type, which would have been purchased by troops from a small store on their base known as a PX (Post Exchange). This style was particularly popular with Paratroopers, as it is with Airborne re-enactors today, but was widely used by a number of units throughout the US Military during WW2.

Both Types are available in a massive range of Piping Colours. The table below shows the colours now available as well as their according branch of service.

US Garrison Caps Piping

We also sell the hats without piping, which allows you to add your own if you have something niche in mind which we don’t sell! You can also buy the Piping Cord separately if you have an old or original hat you want to give a new lease of life to.

We’re really excited by this new range, and are hoping to add some more great ranges soon so watch this space!

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